FOUR-X Wash Mitt

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Why FOUR-X? Because it's got 4 things going for it;

A GO orange side for your upper vehicle, dark side for your lower, a side ridge for getting rid of bigs and stubborn dirt, plus a waterproof lining to keep your hands dry - particularly important in the cold winter months...

The FOUR-X microfibre wash mitt is perfect for a safe and scratch free wash. The tight pile microfibre will glide over the surface of vehicle body work, safely pulling away dirt and grime.

In short - it's the ULTIMATE wash mitt for all seasons

GO Detailing

  • Slip your fist gently into the mitt opening
  • Dip into warm soapy water
  • Spotify - Mariah Carey (We belong together)
  • Give your motor a sensual one handed massage
  • Upload it to your social, tag us, and wait

GO Safely

Not an oven glove

Terrible golf glove

Potentially emergency goalie gloves if you buy two

make it shine