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GO PRO QD isn’t your average quick detailer.

Containing advanced polymer technology, GO PRO QD provides an ultra-hydrophobic layer of sealant to all exterior surfaces, giving a durable protective barrier and paint enhancing shine. 

Use after your wash for instant protection from the elements and more regularly for long-lasting protection against road grime, dirt, bird droppings and bugs.

Between washes, PRO QD can be used as a traditional quick detailer to safely wipe away dust, dirt and water spots. All in all you'll get professional protection for the complete exterior of your car.

  • Wash and dry your car as normal
  • Spray a mist of GO PRO QD over one panel at a time and use a clean dry microfibre to wipe the solution evenly over the panel
  • When all panels are coated buff off residue with a clean microfibre

Tip… Use after every wash for long lasting protection. Can be used on all bodywork surfaces inc glass and alloy wheels.

  • If in eyes or mouth or mouth, rinse with water
  • If irritation persists, seek medical advice
  • Keep out of reach of children

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