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Start right with the PLATE-PREP BUNDLE. Everything you need to prepare your vehicle for it's new plates...

SHAMPOO - Use our super concentrated and high foaming GO SHAMPOO both before and after your new plate application to ensure they're looking their best from day one. 

TGR - Our unbeatable, high strength adhesive remover. The solvent-based formula rapidly dissolves glue residue left behind from previous badge or number plate removal. Not just a one trick pony, it's equally good at getting rid of stubborn tar deposits from painted panels.

ELITE MICROFIBRES - A pack of 3 high quality 300gsm microfibre cloths for use with both your TGR and PANEL WIPE plate preparation stages.

All in all, your perfect combination of products to ensure your new plates are looking phenomenal from the off. 

make it shine