Elite 300 Microfibres

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A 3 or 10 pack of the detailers trusted and faithful friend.

Our premium 300gsm general purpose microfibres are perfect for any job a detailer can throw at them. Equally as good at the toughest cleaning jobs as they are on the more delicate final touches.

With a 70% polyamide  30% polyester mix these aren’t your average budget cleaning cloth. The warp knitted ultra split weave produces a super soft cloth that wont scratch or mark any delicate surface.

Use for interiors, exteriors, engine bays, cleaning, polishing, applying  and buffing. These tough little guys are machine washable and tumble dryer safe with no loss of performance.

Go Tip

We recommend washing dirty microfibre cloths separately from your whites, darks, colours and undie loads 

Oh blimey, Hello! 

Your commitment to safety is truly admirable. 

Tell you what, use code SAFETYFIRST at the checkout for 5% off your next order. 


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