Glass Cleaner

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Looking for diamond like glass with a hydrophobic finish? GO GLASS effortlessly cuts through grease and grime to provide a clean and streak-free finish to your glass and mirrored surfaces whilst allowing water to bead away. 

The fast-drying alcohol-based formula quickly lifts dirt, grease, fingerprints and smoke residues away from the surface, ready to be wiped away and finished with a light buff for perfectly clear and smear-free glass.

Heads up - GO GLASS is also perfectly safe to use on your chrome and polished metal trim. 

Maximum performance with minimum effort.

  • Spay directly onto glass surface and wipe with a clean GO GLASS CLOTH
  • Buff clean with a second clean GO GLASS CLOTH


Tip… To avoid over spray on sensitive areas, spray directly onto a GO GLASS CLOTH and apply.

  • Flammable liquid and vapour
  • Causes serious eye damage
  • Keep away from ignition sources
  • Store in well ventilated area. Keep cool
  • If on skin wash with water and soap
  • If in eyes rinse with water
  • If irritation persists seek medical attention

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