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GO CLUBE is our dedicated clay bar lubricant designed exclusively for use with our GO CLAY BAR.

The solution enables the clay bar to effortlessly glide over the surface of your paintwork to reduce the risk of scratching or marring during the decontamination process.

The clay bar process effectively removes any bonded surface contaminants leaving your paintwork silky smooth and ready for paint correction, sealant or GO SiO2 CERAMIC WAX application.

To get the absolute best results we recommend that if you're clay baring your car for the first time to follow the full decontamination process, including fall out removal using GO IRON DECON and road tar removal using GO TGR.

  • Wash and dry your vehicle as normal
  • Break up each panel into manageable sections - we recommend 40x40cm (the size of an open microfibre cloth)
  • Apply a generous amount of CLUBE to the area and slide a portion of clay back and forth across the area, adding extra CLUBE if required
  • Once a section is complete, wipe off excess with a microfibre cloth
  • Re-wash and dry your vehicle. You’re now ready for paint correction or LSP of your choice

Tip… Avoid applying in direct sunlight. Wipe off any excess before moving on to next panel.

  • If in eyes or mouth, rinse with water
  • If irritation persists seek medical advice 
  • Keep out of reach of children

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