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Get your hands on our CERAMIC WAX PACK and get ready to shine...

Only 25 available on this short term offer, get 50ml of GO CERAMIC WAX, plus an edgeless PLUSH 500 microfibre on the side.

First off, made with high grade Brazilian carnauba waxes and fruit oils, and infused with SiO2 ceramic technology, GO CERAMIC WAX delivers the ultimate hard wax protection and gloss for your painted surfaces.

Applied after full decontamination and used in conjunction with other products in our ceramic range, you can achieve up to 12 months hydrophobic protection from water and airborne contaminants.

The water repellent properties of the SiO2 polymers force moisture away from coated body panels, stopping dirt and contaminants sticking to the surface. Perfect for the harsh winter weather. A truly unbelievable wax. 

Plus get one of our premium edgeless PLUSH-500 microfibre polishing cloth. Perfect for buffing your applied CERAMIC WAX and polishes from delicate paint surfaces.

The super soft 500gsm cloth is great when applying any of our quick detailers as the high pile pulls dirt away from the surface of paintwork quickly and safely for an effortless finish.

The PLUSH-500 is machine and tumble dryer safe without any loss of performance.

Only 25 of these packs available, grab yourself an unmissable offer now!

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