Our purpose is this; to improve your car care experience by providing products that offer stunning simplicity and achieve professional results, every time. That’s it.

We’ll focus on the product, so you can concentrate on the process.

Although we didn’t know it at the time, GO’s origins can be traced back 30 years.

Three decades ago, as two brothers aged 3 and 5, we started by washing the family car. Between then and now we’ve detailed, repaired and restored thousands of cars - and fallen in love with their final presentation.

Over that time our passion for beautiful vehicles turned into livelihoods. Cruises and car modifications turned into a private bodyshop for professional car repair and sports car restorations.

Then in 2020, after 30 years gestation, came the official birth of GO. Everything we’ve learned and everything you care about has been brought together to create the GO range of products and accessories.

Remaining paramount throughout were two things; quality products and ease of use. So much so that at GO we have a saying which you’ll find on every single bottle;

We make it simple, you make it shine.

We use these products everyday

We don’t just make and sell GO products, we use them ourselves in our very own body shop. We’ve been looking after customer cars for over a decade and have developed a product range that is tested everyday.

No fuss, just
great products

You'll find a saying on every GO bottle; We Make it Simple, You Make it Shine. There's no gimmicks, we just make sure our products work, they’re easy to use and most importantly keep your car looking it's best.

let's talk about detailing

We don't want a long distance relationship. Feel free to pop us over a question or comment to our social media channels on facebook and instagram at @godetailinguk. Or better still, come and speak to us in person at a show.

make it shine